Dementia Lessons

Mom and Me

Like all difficulties we are forced to face in life, trials are great teachers and Dementia has taught me several lessons – Lessons from Losses and Lessons of Hope. Read the rest of this post at


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Mom’s Good Day

To Read More about Mom’s Good Day, Visit:

Mom's Good Day

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Better Than Neighbourly

front door

A long over due blog post and tribute to a great neighbour. To read the rest visit:

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Becoming Mother

great grandma and grace

Sometimes I would love to be the daughter again. Even now after five years, it still crosses my mind to pick up the phone to share good news with Mom when it happens. I still pause and remember – “Oh ya, that can’t happen anymore.” When I am worried, when I need some perspective or when I am just feeling small and vulnerable, how great it would be to hear her say, “You’re doing great! It’s going to be ok. Everything will work out. I’m praying for you. I am proud of you….and ….I love you.” I miss that! I think for me that is the biggest loss I experience because of this disease.”

To read the rest of Becoming Mother  Visit:

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A Visitor’s Guide

 senior hands

Whether it is a parent, and old friend or a spouse, visiting someone you love with dementia can be difficult. People don’t know what to say or do. They feel uncertain and embarrassed. Some people just disappear all together. The following tips for making visits easier comes from Ryleysforum. I’m sure you’ll find her advice helpful. Enjoy! …

Read the rest of A Visitor’s Guide by clicking the link below:

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A Christmas Healing

christmas tree

Read my latest blog post: A Christmas Healing at:

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My Mother’s Caregiver’s Relocation


Hello Everyone,

I’m so glad that you are here sharing the journey with me.

For three years I have been sharing both my heart and little bits of information I have learned to help navigate the murky seas of dementia and care giving. All this time I have enjoyed the free web space here on WordPress and have been extremely grateful for it.

However, with the benefit of paying nothing comes some disadvantages.

One, there is a great deal of content on this site. If for any reason this page was to disappear, I would be hard pressed to find and reproduce three entire years of content, web links and resources.

Secondly, WordPress has the right (it is their web space – not mine) to show advertising on this page. I do not have any say or input on the advertising that is shown on here – and yet by being on my space it is implied that I endorse services, websites, content that I have not even seen. I am simply not comfortable with that – especially since often seniors are vulnerable to rip off scams.

So, with these reasons in mind, My Mother’s Caregiver now exists on our own stand-alone website at If you have stumbled onto this blog – please give one more click and find all the same information, blog posts and resources in our new location. I am working away at updating broken links and information so I can help you in your journey as much as possible. If you would like to sponsor this site and have your logo displayed, please contact me. I would be most grateful. Thanks for being part of this great community of care givers.

TO VIEW MY NEWEST BLOG POST: “The Pleasure of Remembering”go to:

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Some Days


Some days, I can forget about the loss, beat back the longing to curl up beside my mommy and be the daughter and not the parent. Some days, when we visit we can just plain connect. One human to another.

Yesterday was one of those visits. I arrived at the Long Term Care home to find Mom awake and alert. Since much of her conversational skills are gone, talking about any one topic for more than a sentence at a time is difficult. But yesterday, there was a book.

The book on the table was three stories merged into one book with a scattering of drawings throughout. First it was pictures of lions and jungle animals, second of historical black and white photos of the Rockefeller family and finally drawings of people riding horses and carriages.  Since reading the book wasn’t a practical option, we started making up our own stories – silly stories at that.

In that moment, I was able to find her, connect with her. It was nice.

There are days, just like you, that I really wish this long journey could be over. I wish that Mom could be freed from this body bogged down by this horrible disease.

But yesterday, I was grateful.

“No Mom, you can’t remember your grandchildren, what you had for lunch or very much about me, we still can share the love of two people who share a beautiful history together.

Even if one of them doesn’t remember it.”

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Less Expectations


A very lovely relative of mine makes the long drive several times a year to visit my Mom. I’m always happy to hear she is coming – even though I’m not usually there to participate. It feels so right to know people who really “know” the whole Mom are spending time with her, that she is remembered and not totally lost. Her emails and conversations with me before and after her visits are always so encouraging.

After this time, she writes, “As always, I enjoyed the visit. And keep one thing in mind – it’s much easier for me than for any of her children, since I come with no expectations, and no hurt if she doesn’t know me or doesn’t engage. I do fully “get” that piece!”

She so nailed it! Even when we love them, even when the visits are going well, even when there is not a crisis, visiting is hard for children and spouses.

It’s why I seem to be able to finish every single dish in the sink, fold every towel in the dryer and reply to the most redundant email before I can get myself out the door to see her some days. (And some days are better than others…. as you know.) It hurts to see her live like this. It hurts to lose your mother a little more every day.

No matter how deeply I bury them, mask them or rationalize them away, I too have expectations of my Mom. I so want to be known, engaged, loved, mothered and remembered. The loss lives every day under the surface, even when I don’t acknowledge it.

But, Mom and I do have good visits most of the time – but the best ones happen when I too come with only one expectation and that is to make a connection. Some days those connections are more complete than others. Some days that connection is full conversations, laughing, dancing and singing. Other days, it is simply the knowledge that we held hands and that possibly I was able to bring a little comfort and dignity to her on a difficult day.

Those connections, no matter how difficult are a beautiful gift for which I am truly grateful.

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Amazing Grace



Dear Mom,

Well, I just wanted to write to tell you that you became a great grandmother again. Little Grace came into the world on Mother’s Day morning making me a grandmother for the first time and I am certain now I will never be the same!

It makes me a little sad that I can’t share this experience with you fully, I am not sure how many times I’ve told you my daughter (your grand daughter) is pregnant – lots anyways. At this point although you recognize my kids, you can’t seem to make sense of who everyone is anymore…but that’s ok.

Still, though I am happy. Becoming a grandmother has made me remember things I had almost forgotten about you. As I come alongside and support my grown daughter, stories of you come flooding back. I remember how you loved, encouraged and took care of me and everything so I could just learn how to nurse the baby and get my confidence. You were a great mom to me. You are a great mom to me – even as you slip away.

I am so thankful for you!

Love you,

Sharon xo


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